April 26, 2017



  1. PermaLip Written Procedure – Review of the procedure along with a change made to the video regarding the dissection.
  2. Nuances
  3. Length Measuring Technique
  4. Pre and Post-Op Instructions – *plus additional information below.
  5. Analysis Classification of the Upper Lip Aesthetic Unit -Published in PRS, September 2013
  6. Preference Card
  7. Suggested Local Anesthesia
  8. Medications – List of Medications needed. *We suggest starting the patient on an antiviral one day before their scheduled procedure.
  9. Perma – Informational PDF


Additional Post-op Information:

*We do not want the patient to break the thin capsule that will form around the implant; therefore, we suggest patients do not massage their lips.

Once the sutures have dissolved and the incision sites are fully healed (2 ½ – 3 weeks), they may begin performing these two exercises three times a day/ 10 – 15 times each:

  1. Open mouth wide then back to a closed position.
  2. Smile wide then back to a closed position.

Tightness that a patient might experience will start to dissipate once they begin these exercises. You’ll find that most will not experience any tightness; however, all patients should perform these for two to three months.